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Musician Composer Media Creator

Media Collaboration

Creating music for a project excites me because of the potential to combine art to create a gestalt form that is more effective at eliciting an emotional response than a single art alone. When my music has a purpose, it feels more significant, and offers me the chance to enhance impact.
— Brian Burke
Working with Brian was an absolute pleasure. He has a fantastic work ethic, produces great material, and is generally a joy to be around!
— Jackson Ekis, KIN Co-Project Leader

Brian Burke Media Services 

Original Music Composition

Associate Film, TV, and Video Game Composer; Production Music Writer

In any function as a composer, my goal is to work closely with other creators to elevate a media project to its ultimate form. Whether achieving a high level of emotion for a film, or establishing a motif for a character in a game, there is nothing that I am more passionate about than creating music that serves a purpose as a combined art. I am able to meet and conquer any challenge through creative thinking and problem-solving skills.


Music Supervision & Sound

Associate Music Supervisor, Assistant Music Editor, Associate Sound Designer

On audio projects, I enjoy collaborating with project leaders, managers, and other members of the team to develop a unique inspiration and a vision. Unifying those elements with the overall goals of the project in mind is something I specialize in. My wide range of musical knowledge allows me to select fresh, exciting tracks for a media project enhanced by critical listening skills to edit music in a very musical way. I add value to a project by offering focused insight backed up by strong technical knowledge, a great ear, and intuition to successfully create remarkable sound design. 


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“SERAIS” New Album

Now available exclusively here on my website.

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