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For me, the greatest thing about being a musician is being in the position to inspire people and be inspired by them. I take such pleasure in collaboration. I compose because conveying emotion to listeners through music is one of the most rewarding things for me.  To add enjoyment to someone's life through music makes me very pleased, and I too am swept up in the joy of creation.

As a composer, classically trained musician, and music supervisor, I focus on partnership opportunities that enable me to create, edit, and supervise musical scores for film, TV, computer games, podcasts, advertisements as well as ensembles and personal commissions.


Original Music Composition

Associate Film, TV, and Video Game Composer; Production Music Writer

My composition competencies include an imaginative approach to audio production for media which I support using clear communication and interpretive skills. I have experience working with project management at all levels to coordinate cohesive audio productions and I am able to execute a high-quality musical vision through my discerning ear for details. I have experience composing and editing music to picture. I am able to work conceptually without a defined structure and I am eager to collaborate with team members in different disciplines.


Music Supervision & Sound

Associate Music Supervisor, Assistant Music Editor, Associate Sound Designer

I am excited to collaborate with Sound Designers and producers select appropriate music for media productions of all types. I have solid experience mixing and mastering audio with mainstream audio production software, and I am able to quickly learn new techniques and tools. Using these first-rate audio engineering skills, including my experience in mixing and mastering, I am able to envision and shape ideas producers propose for each piece of content. I specialize in quickly and decisively making well-informed choices to advance a project while maintaining an imaginative approach to audio production and sound design for media.


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